Tips and Tools for Dental Health Month

What’s Your Office Doing for February National Dental Health Month?

Over the last year the number one question we are asked at dental conventions is, “How can I use Mighty MolarMan & Friends in my office?”. The first thing I encourage doctors and their staff to do is visit and explore and go to the “For Doctors” section. This section focuses on what your office can do for February National Dental Health Month to leverage what we are doing with little to no cost to your practice.

February is a great month to get out in the community and educate the public about the importance of good oral health. For us here at Molar Towne Productions, it’s a time when we are out doing educational talks at pre-k and elementary schools. Keeping kids engaged is the goal, but it can sometimes be a challenge. Consider using Mighty MolarMan & Friends to engage kids at your talks.

We now offer the “Molar in the Mirror” box set in bulk for dental offices, schools, and retailers. This a great gift for new patients and an effective reminder for kids that are just starting their brushing and flossing routines.

Getting Started

When we give our oral health talks, we bring the Mighty MolarMan mascot, some box sets for the class, Mighty MolarMan Pledge Certificates, coloring pages, posters of the characters, and traditional giveaways like toothbrushes, floss, and timers. If you don’t have a mascot, having someone dress up as the Tooth Fairy will work great too since she did choose Mighty MolarMan as the SuperHero of Smiles after all. The costume is very inexpensive and kids will automatically be engaged with you.


  1. Mascot/costume
  2. “Molar in the Mirror” box sets
  3. Mighty MolarMan Pledge Certificates
  4. Mighty MolarMan & Friends Coloring Pages and Posters
  5. Toothbrushes
  6. Timers
  7. Floss


The Presentation

Find what’s comfortable for you. I’m a bit of a goofball so I like to act a little silly when I do my talks. If the class is really young I’ll describe the illustrations in the “Molar in the Mirror” book and ask them questions about their brushing and diet habits to maintain engagement. Develop a working relationship with the teachers or administrators; they know the kids and will help you maintain order and focus with the kids, especially if it’s a bigger group.

Before I start reading, I usually ask the kids some questions like, “how many times a day should you brush and floss?”  Then I will pick one of them to hold on to the plush and give the rest of the class a Mighty MolarMan cut out. I will then begin reading them the book or just talk to them about oral health in general, depending on the class. After I finish my presentation, I pass out the Pledge Certificates. Giving them something they can sign and feel accountable for to continue their oral hygiene habits helps them remember and maintain their momentum at home. I leave the bags with the coloring pages and other goodies with the teacher, and they will send them home with the kids.

Use for Your Online Branding

We all know pretty much everyone is on social media and more practices are focusing on it as a vital part of their overall branding and marketing. The best content is going to be personal and honest and should be a reflection of the staff and environment that patients can expect when they visit your office. For example, a video or photo of your staff with the class will generate a lot more organic engagement than a generic stock photo about a procedure.

Before you shoot any video or snap any photos in the classroom be sure to have permission from the school and parents of the children that will be in the shots. You can provide the teachers with standard photo/video release forms. Most of the time the school will provide them so just be sure they are filled out before you post.

We recommend purchasing the box set in bulk for your office and running a “free box set with your first visit” promo for the kids. The coloring pages and Pledge Certificates are available for free to download on but are most effective if branded with your office information and promotions. For custom coloring pages and Pledge Certificates please contact us, and we will send you the files ready for print.

Leverage Our Contests and Giveaways

We will be having a contest or giveaway every month of 2017, and strongly encourage you to use them with your patients. People love prizes and when you use our contest, you don’t have to pay for them. If one of your patients wins, we take care of the prizes! Simply let your patients know that they can enter a contest on However, we recommend a more meaningful way to get the most out of the promotion and effectively use it as a marketing tool for your practice.

Contest on Your Facebook Page

We try to make this as seamless as possible by embedding the contest on your Facebook page so when you share or advertise it the traffic will go to your Facebook page.

Your Logo on the Contest Branding

We are only two weeks into our second month of contests and giveaways and have already had over 3,000 people visit and engage. Having your logo and company information on the contest branding is a great way to get more eyes on to your company site. While this might not necessarily bring you new patients, it can help to bring more viewers and engagement to your blog or website.

Free Listing on

When you plug in to our contest, we will give you a free listing on the “Find a Dentist” section of This is just another way to drive traffic and awareness to your office, and the best part is that there is no cost to you!  We will be taking this to the next level and offering incentives for offices that purchase 20 or more box sets. Sign up for our newsletter to stay notified about these promotions or visit our blog.

In conclusion, we are determined to bring oral health education and awareness in a way that is fun for everyone and in an efficient and seamless way for use in your practice. We all want children and families to have healthy, beautiful smiles so let's work together and bring awareness and some prizes to all!

The Molar, The Merrier!