Bacteria Boy®

Bacteria Boy

Bacteria Boy® began life as a single bacteria cell that evolved over time into his current slimy green blob. He isn't the slightest bit interested in maintaining good dental health. He grew up on the other side of Mount Molar in an area known as, The Badlands. For those who do not know, The Badlands are known for its abundance of candy cane fields and the endless Sea of Soda.  No matter how hard Bacteria Boy® tried to resist the temptation, his sweet tooth and gluttony got the better of him. Although he knows the negative effects of sugar, he just can't quit eating it, even the cavities don't stop him. 

Unfortunately, Bacteria Boy® doesn't keep his love for sweets to himself. He enjoys sharing his bad habit by introducing the sugar rush to others. In fact, his mission is to infect as many Deciduous Dudes®, Bicuspid Babes®, and healthy molars of Molar Towne as possible, turning them into Zombie Teeth®! 

Despite his zombie-making ways, Bacteria Boy® isn't such a bully or rotten egg. He's more like a big softy with big-time candy cravings, and because of his cavity-causing ways, he is infamous for being Mighty Molar's® arch enemy. Bacteria Boy® has always been a little envious of the dental health superhero and his sparkling white smile. Just the shimmer of Mighty Molar's® enamel makes him cringe!  If only he could say no to sugar, and have an interest in brushing and flossing, his green might just go away.  

When he isn't giving Mighty Molar® a hard time, Bacteria Boy® likes to chill at the Molar Malt Shop, where he often consumes the entire menu of ice cream, sodas, and sugary sweets! 

Mighty Molar®

Mighty Molar

Mighty Molar®, the SuperHero of Smiles®, is at your service as an advocate for children and families' overall health and wellness. In the book, "Molar in the Mirror", he is introduced as a dental health superhero, and loves hanging out with his friends. He has even had a song written about him... "The Mighty MolarMan Song"®.

Mighty Molar® has well-rounded interests including sports, outdoors activities, music, creative writing, health & fitness, leadership and even cooking... there's not much that he won't try that is rooted (hehe) in fun, and good health.

Mighty Molar® has been known to collaborate with Coach Jack Fundy and other coaches to improve safety for kids in youth athletics. He also works with Canine as advocates for pets' good oral health and overall well-being. You could say that Mighty Molar® is a Molar on a Mission... ready and eager to help children/families out in any way that he can. 

Mighty Molar® is Tooth Fairy endorsed, and ready for action... and he often battles with Dr D. K®., Bacteria Boy®, and CandyMan®.  

Finally, Mighty Molar® has a real passion for helping the millions of children who suffer from dental phobias, and those with special needs, overcome their fear and anxiety to get the dental care they need.  He is leading the way to help these kids... and appreciates all the Molar Maniacs out there who are helping too.

Biggie Smiles®


Franklin Washington, aka "Biggie Smiles", is one of Molar Towne's® most unique characters, and enjoys life on a large scale! He is a good friend to Mighty MolarMan®, oftentimes encouraging him to loosen up a little bit and live a BIG life.  Biggie has legit music talent, and a gift for rhyme and storytelling too. A performer at heart, Biggie has recently dabbled in music production.  "The Mighty MolarMan Song" and "Bacteria Boy's Song" are his first two projects.  From the early positive response from fans, it looks like Biggie's career as a music producer is definitely on the fast track to stardom!

Texter & Mobi™

History of Text2Floss

A.T. Still University (ATSU) has teamed with CellTrust Corporation, provider of the patented SecureSMS® Platform, to devise a series of text message programs designed to reach, educate, and remind current patients and the underserved of our communities about preventive and ongoing initiatives of health and wellness.

The Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health has spearheaded the Text2Floss initiative to raise awareness about the importance of oral health and to introduce flossing as an important part of daily hygiene. The implications of these types of messaging services are as far reaching and diverse as the varying specializations in the field of health and medicine; from pediatrics to geriatrics and from mental health and wellness to nutrition.

Oral health promotions via texting have the potential to be a great tool to educate and improve the health of individuals in the global community in a cost effective way. Text messaging is an invaluable and effective tool for delivery of health information and education.


About the Text2Floss Program

Each year millions of Americans take their oral health for granted, but it is an essential part of our everyday lives. Good oral health improves our ability to smile, speak, taste, smell, chew, swallow, and express our feelings and emotions through facial expressions. Oral disease ranges from cavities, gum disease to oral cancer that causes pain, discomfort and disability for millions of Americans. (

To help more Americans get information about caring for their teeth and mouth, the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health in collaboration with CellTrust Corporation launched the initiative the "Text2floss" program. The University oral health initiative via 2 way text messaging program in the US that provides accurate oral health message tips about caring for your mouth. Over 85% of Americans own a cell phone and 72% of cell users send or receive text messages.

How Text2floss works

Registration is easy and can be done online here or from your phone. Use your cell phone to text the word "text2floss" to the number 89633. You will be asked to enter your category:

  • 1) 13 to 18
  • 2) 18 to 65
  • 3) Over 65
  • 4) Mothers with children

Once you have registered you will start receiving text messages with tips on oral care and remember to enter "FLOSS" for yes or "NOFLOSS" for no. These messages are sent out for 7 days at 7:30pm MST, after the 7 days are up you will receive a message to receive a coupon to purchase an oral health product. If you want to stop receiving messages from text2floss, text STOP to 89633. To start receiving messages again you will have to enroll again by sending"text2floss" to 89633.


Text2floss Messages

There is no extra cost associated with the text2floss program from Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ASDOH) but, you will need to check with your wireless carrier for additional charges and details which may apply. Message and data rates may apply.

Princess PreMolar®


All hail Princess PreMolar®! This Molar Monarch is the sole ruler of the Cuspid Kingdom, but don’t let her sweet demeanor and petite stature fool you.  This Princess means business when it comes to protecting her kingdom, as well as aiding Mighty MolarMan® and the Tooth Fairy in fighting Bacteria Boy® and his army of Zombie Teeth®.

When she’s not helping in the fight of peace versus plaque, she enjoys spending time with the people of her kingdom, playing with her best friends, the Cuspid Cuties®, and cultivating her secret passion of becoming a ninja warrior princess. This little fighter thinks she is one karate chop away from keeping Bacteria Boy® at bay forever!

Ginger Vitis®

Ginger Vitis

Ginger moved to Molar Towne® when she was a young molar. In her early years, she was not made aware of the importance of good dental health, and often did not brush or floss on a regular basis.  Before long, her poor dental hygiene habits caught up with her, and she began to experience red, swollen gums and bad breath. Some of the kids started making fun of her by calling her Ginger Vitis®.  Luckily for Ginger, she met Mighty Molar Man®, the Super Hero of Smiles, just in time!  With the support of the Molar Towne® Dental team, he helped her return to taking great care of her molars, and they had her smile in tip-top shape in no time. Ginger felt like a superstar with her mouth full of sparkling white molars!  With all of her new-found confidence, she was able to compete in the Miss Molar Beauty Pageant, and was crowned Miss Molar USA!

Nowadays, Ginger has settled down with a family of her own. She is married to a brave Molar Patroller and has two sweet, little molars named, Bracey and Princess PreMolar. The family wouldn’t be complete without their playful pup, named Canine.  When she isn't chasing after the kids, Ginger can be found shopping at Molar Mall or getting pampered at Molar Manicure Salon. 

Ginger Vitis® has joined Mighty Molar Man's® good fight for dental health awareness. Her Mommy blog reaches out to other Moms to help educate their families about the importance of good dental health.

Dr. PH™


How PH2OH Can Benefit You

Our saliva-testing examination tool is used by the dental team to educate patients, assist in preventive treatment planning, and properly select dental materials in order to initiate changes in the patient’s oral hygiene. Discover More Benefits>>

Dr. D.K.™ & CandyMan®


Dr. D.K.

Doctor Dennis Kavinski® was a practicing family dentist in MolarTowne® and by all accounts a fine, upstanding citizen with a very busy practice. However, in the private back section of his office was his laboratory, and research was his true passion. Research to find a cure for tooth decay or periodontal disease, one might guess?  But no, no... nothing of the sort! What Doctor D. K.® was up to was far more surprising... even sinister! He was busy trying to invent a potion that would cause an instant addiction to anything sweet or sugary.
You see, Doctor D. K.'s® practice wasn't nearly as busy and successful as it once was, and he was desperate to increase his patient flow and profits! By injecting as many of his patients as possible with this potion, and by somehow adding his secret potion to the local drinking water, it would result in an insatiable desire for candy and sweets. Rampant tooth decay and oral disease would surely result, and his patient flow and profits would soar once again! 
Then one night in his laboratory, while he was on the verge of his great discovery... something went horribly wrong, and Doctor D. K.® would never be the same! A chemical reaction occurred that transformed him into a sugary beast that the locals have dubbed, "CandyMan".

Today Dr D.K. continues working in his practice, but he is more of an evil scientist than dentist. He sees patients during the day, but has plenty of open time to continue his work in his laboratory... now searching manically for a cure to end his beastly ways.
Dr. D.K. can no longer tolerate anything sweet; even at the mere sight or smell of a grain of sugar, his transformation into CandyMan begins.


CandyMan® is the sugary monster that Dr. D.K.® turns into when he comes into contact with anything sweet ... even one granule of sugar!

The body of CandyMan® is made of cotton candy, and his arms and legs are made of lollipops. His hat is a waffle cone, and his teeth are candy corn nuggets!

When anyone grabs his hand or arm, it breaks off for a quick candy treat, but luckily for CandyMan®, he regenerates another hand or arm after every such encounter. Unlucky for the healthy baby tooth or Deciduous Dude® who ate the candy lollipop, they turn into Zombie Teeth®.

CandyMan® is allergic to toothpaste.

Miss Pearly White, RDH®

So much more than just a great technical hygienist, Miss Pearly White takes great pride in being a superior dental healthcare professional & advocate. She is passionate about educating her patients and also children/families in the schools and community on the importance of good oral health and healthy lifestyles.

One of her favorite educational tools is "Molar in the Mirror”. She holds monthly readings of this book for the kids in her community, hosting Meet the Molars Day to keep dental health awareness high. Away from work, Miss Pearly's interests include outdoor activities, music, health & fitness, and nutrition. Like Mighty MolarMan, there's not much that she won't try that is rooted (hehe) in fun and good health.

Finally, like Mighty MolarMan®, Miss Pearly has a real passion for helping the millions of children who suffer from dental phobias, and those with special healthcare needs, to overcome their fear and anxiety of the dentist. Together, they are leading the way to help these kids and appreciate all the Molar Maniacs out there who are helping too.

Molar Patrollers™


The Molar Patrollers® patrol the streets and parks of Molar Towne, battling the evil forces of Bacteria Boy®, Dr. D.K.®, Necrotic®, and many other shady characters of MoTowne.  Sometimes Mighty MolarMan® rides along, and they work with the Molar Rescue® Team to convert the Zombie Teeth® back into healthy little molars and Deciduous Dudes®. 

All the molar families sleep well in their beds at night knowing that the Molar Patrollers® are on the job!

Bicuspid Babes, RDA™


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Biscuspid Babes®! This trio of dental assistants with a love for flying is full of girl power and they aren't afraid of heights; that's because these girls fly high in the sky.  They are definitely the bravest gals in Molar Towne®.
The Bicuspid Babes® are the all-girl air force squad that helps protect the city from Bacteria Boy and his legion of Zombie Teeth. They dart through the sky while flying their MolarJets, and they're constantly on the lookout because Bacteria Boy® is always lurking. They have a bird's eye view on the town below, but that doesn't keep them from having a little daredevil fun while they fly. Whenever Mighty MolarMan® needs help carrying out his mission, The Bicuspid Babes® are the first responders along with the Molar Rescue Team. 

When they aren't in their fire-proof jumpsuits with flying goggles on their faces, these girls can be found at Molar Towne Dental working as dental assistants. They love being dental healthcare professionals, and are excited to educate their patients and also children/families in the Molar Towne schools and community. 

Uncle Mo™


Uncle Mo® is a very eccentric guy, who lives alone on his (party) houseboat down at Molar Marina. He spends most days cruising the lake, fishing and taking in the sun... and what he enjoys most is entertaining all his friends and family on the boat. They enjoy the big slide and Tarzan swing especially.  

Uncle Mo® also entertains the ladies on the boat... and his disco room with disco ball sets the mood for fun nights cruising slowly on the lake.

Perry O'Dontal®

Perry O'Dontal

Perry is a plump, festive Irishman who is always upbeat and merry. His inflamed, pinkish skin tone and swollen appearance are only natural for this chronic case of periodontal disease.

Perry had better get back to Molar Towne® Dental soon for treatment, because we all know that people with uncontrolled periodontal disease put their overall health and wellness at risk.  

Let's hope Perry O' spends more time at the dentist than the local Molar Towne® pub.

Wisdom Tooth®

Wisdom Tooth

This wise and mysterious molar is patient and understanding in nature. He has lived many moons over Molar Towne®and resides at the peak of Mount Molar. Wisdom Tooth is an experienced soul, and many molars come to him for advice. He gives them honest answers, and helps them seek their destiny and fortune. His long, white beard is rumored to hold the secrets of Molar Towne® life. To make the treacherous climb up Mount Molar to meet Wisdom Tooth®, you must be willing to embark on a full day's journey. It is said that once a molar reaches the peak of the mountain, that Wisdom Tooth® can be seen molar meditating, and to break his concentration will bring bad luck on whoever disturbs him. A molar must wait quietly and patiently until he is ready to acknowledge their presence.