What material from mightymolarman.com can I utilize and enjoy?

You can link to anything on the mightymolarman.com site, but you CANNOT download our material and host it on your own site (e.g., videos, images etc.).

You can use any material freely available on the site with proper attribution. You may not distribute any content from the mightymolarman.com website that is not already publicly available.


How do I begin using Mighty MolarMan & Friends in my practice without violating intellectual property and trademark laws?

Only practices that are authorized & licensed to utilize Mighty MolarMan & Friends® can use the Mighty MolarMan & Friends® brand and content for advertising and branding of their practice or individually (e.g. print, video, signage, business cards, Mighty MolarMan & Friends mascots etc.)

We grant one practice per approximately 10-mile geographic area the license and right to co-brand with Mighty MolarMan & Friends® and actively market in the community with Mighty MolarMan & Friends® assets.  You cannot use the Mighty MolarMan & Friends® name, slogans, art work, photos, or content from Mighty MolarMan & Friends® in any other business or promotional way unless you affiliate. 
Only affiliation gives you the legal right to use the Mighty MolarMan & Friends® name for business and/or promotional purposes.

Non licensed practices and general public can do the following without violating trademark or intellectual property laws.

  1. Display and/or sell "Molar in the Mirror" box set.

  2. Utilize The Mighty MolarMan Experience in your practice.  You can and should say that you use the Mighty MolarMan Experience, and that you're part of the Molar Maniac community/family, but you may not represent yourself directly or indirectly as a representative of mightymolarman.com, Mighty MolarMan & Friends, or Molar Towne Productions.