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Dr. Shakila Angadi

Ways We Keep Our Practice Green

At Palmer Smile Design, we not only believe in conservative dentistry, but conservative practices!

Vistapure System

Our own in-house water filtration system for all water consumption.  This reduces the waste of unnecessary bottles of distilled water and keeps our water lines cleaner.

LED Technology

LED dental lights, curing lights and overhead lights to reduce electric consumption.  We also use sensors throughout the office to reduce overhead utility waste.

Airstar Airtec Compressor

At the heart of our practice, we use a state of the art advanced compressor system that powers our dental equipment which keeps the energy consumption low and reduces wasted emissions. 

Mojave Dry Vac System

Our dry-vac system (suction) keeps water usage at minimum and reduces waste. This state of the art technology greatly reduces water consumption and wasteful filters.

Digital Systems

We use an interoffice dental software, called Eaglesoft to schedule and maintain patient chart.  This also greatly reduces our paper usage and increases our inter office efficiency.

Digital Radiography

We utilize all digital sensors and technology to capture instant images to help diagnose our patients quickly.  This not only reduces wasted packaging for film, it also reduces radiation exposure greatly.


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