A New Way to Engage Your Patients in 2017

Let's work together to promote oral health awareness.

"How do I use Mighty MolarMan & Friends in my office?" was the #1 question we received during our dental convention tour last year. My goal here is to demystify the magical world of Molar Towne.

The Mighty MolarMan Pledge
A certificate that you can use in your practice, schools, and community to encourage kids to brush and floss and hold them accountable.

Mighty MolarMan Contests and Sweepstakes
A free tool that dental practices utilize to engage patients and their community in 2017.

The "Molar in the Mirror" box set
A popular children’s book and plush toy that hangs on the bathroom mirror as a reminder for kids to brush. Kids also bring the plush toy to the dentist for comfort.

A resource center for dental practices, schools, and families to use for education on the importance of good oral health. Utilize and enjoy cartoons, music, crafts, and more.

When you combine them all, we call it, The Mighty MolarMan & Friends Experience!
When a child is introduced to Mighty MolarMan & Friends prior to their first dental visit, it gets them excited and subsequently less likely to have fear or anxiety during that first appointment.

Getting started with Mighty MolarMan

Share the contest or sweepstakes so it drives engagement to your social media pages.

Pledge Certificates

 Exclusive Promotion

Mighty MolarMan & Friends - Molar in the Mirror

Get your free "Molar in the Mirror" box set; all you pay is shipping. *One per dental practice.