Doctor, do you want to have your very own mascot at your next community event?

You will quickly set yourself apart from other dental offices in town.

Mighty MolarMan is the SuperHero of Smiles, and is loved by children, teens and adults alike. The mascot really gets around too, making appearances at events and conventions across the country as the iconic advocate of dental health awareness and education. With the recently formed Molars United Foundation, his mission is to bring education, resources and smiles to to all!

It's not just about the mascot either. Mighty MolarMan & Friends is an emerging and popular family total health brand.  Supported by and riding the growing popularity of their first book, “Molar in the Mirror”, as well as, The Mighty MolarMan Pledge … Mighty MolarMan & Friends are fast becoming the first dental health specific cartoon characters that capture our hearts and make a real difference in raising the value of oral health.

Let's get children and families excited about oral health !!

Boost your Brand & Attract New Patients with Mighty MolarMan

Ready for your very own Mighty MolarMan mascot for your office? Simply request your mascot below, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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