Grandma Pearl® is the kookiest/craziest old lady molar in all of Molar Towne®. She is known for her eccentric personality and outlandish outfits. Pearl has a crown of silver strands styled into a beehive hairdo and lime green horn rimmed glasses that sit a little crooked on her face. She is always wearing a bright floral pattern and nothing seems to match, but she doesn't seem to care. Grandma Pearl® is definitely hip, and there isn't a shy root in her. She's been around long enough to see Molar Towne® flourish into a thriving city, and she still feels young!  When she isn't at home with her cats, she is usually trying to swoon Grandpa Gums or a good-looking MolarMan at MorningMolar Cafe. She might even be disco dancing at MolarPalooza!