Take The Mighty MolarMan & Friends Pledge


The Mighty MolarMan & Friends Pledge starts with the acknowledgment and understanding that oral health affects our overall health and well-being.  Take The Pledge to promote oral health awareness and education, and in support of the Mighty MolarMan plush drive.

We all get off track with our dental hygiene habits from time to time. Mighty MolarMan is always there to encourage and remind you, reporting back to the Tooth Fairy and your dental office team how you're doing. A promise is a promise!

For dental healthcare professionals, educators, and parents, taking the pledge is a not only a promise to optimize your oral health, but also to make dental health education and care a priority within your community and family.  

February is National Dental Health Month, so keep the molarmentum going, by challenging a friend, colleague, a loved one ... or challenge another family, classroom, practice, business or organization to take The Pledge too!

Official Hashtag #MMMPledge

The Molar, the Merrier!!