Q. Why should my practice take the Pledge?

A. Being associated with Mighty MolarMan & Friends enhances your family-friendly brand image, and is a great marketing tool for your practice. Let The Mighty MolarMan Pledge market for you, with MightyMolarMan.com multimedia, their extensive social media efforts and growing popularity.  You want to be associated with such a fresh, fun and family-friendly campaign!   If you want to grow your practice with more families, let the SuperHero of Smiles lead the way!!

Q. Please explain the give back.

A. Each dental and veterinary practice that takes the pledge and gives back to their community will be recognized on MightyMolarMan.com as a “SuperHero Practice”. 

If your practice is already doing some sort of give-back program, that is great! All you have to do is take The Mighty MolarMan Pledge and let us know what your give-back program is, and you will be recognized as a "SuperHero Practice".

If you're looking to start a give-back program, simply ask your patients to take the pledge, and in return you (your practice) will give back a dollar amount of free dental care on their behalf for children and families in need in your community during the 2016 calendar year.  Identify a total that you would like to pledge to give back, and each pledge helps climb toward that goal.

Example - practice give-back goal is $10,000, and each pledge contributes $25 towards this goal. Keep a tab with each pledge, and let the MolarMeter rise. 

A little about Dr. John U. Bond
Dr. John U. Bond is a marketing & branding success story. His practices in Dallas have attracted record numbers of new families, with Mighty MolarMan & Friends as their marketing & branding foundation.

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