Total Health Heroes™
Brush + Floss + Rinse Campaign


Our Cause

We are a team of dental healthcare professionals and advocates, passionate about getting kids educated and excited about oral health, and helping children and families have a better overall dental experience.

Virtually everyone has a story to tell about a family member or friend who has had a bad dental experience. Oftentimes these negative experiences occur as a child and haunt us our entire lives. As you read this today, there are literally millions with dental phobias, and those with special healthcare needs, in need of a little help. If that's not enough motivation to get moving to help all those in need, there's also a time-tested tradition of battling our kids to brush and floss.  Clearly, there's gotta be a better way.

The Disney-like dental healthcare experience that we created and call, The Mighty Molar & Friends Experience, features the “Molar in the Mirror” box set, The Mighty Molar™ Pledge, and new SuperHero Capes.  Finally, parents have useful tools to get kids excited about brushing/flossing, and help make their dental appointments relaxing and fun.  It's a job well done by The SuperHero of Smiles and his friends!

From the first visit to the dentist as a very young child, to losing that first tooth, to having that first dental procedure, to orthodontics... and of course, the daily brushing and flossing routine... we want to bring education and fun to this party! Mighty Molar & Friends do what they do best, helping children and families have a positive and fun dental healthcare experience.

Thank you for your ongoing support!