You Buy One & We Give One

Have no Fear,

Mighty MolarMan is Here!

There are millions of children with dental phobias and those with special needs who need a little help overcoming their fear/anxiety of the dentist. Over the years, Mighty MolarMan & Friends have proven to be a big help in this area. Our goal with the buy one/give one program is to get a "Molar in the Mirror" box set in the hands of every child in need. The Mighty MolarMan plush toy really helps to comfort them during visits to the dentist.  Have no fear, Mighty MolarMan is here!

About the samaritan inn

Who We Are

The Samaritan Inn is more than just a place to spend the night. It is a comprehensive program that teaches self-sufficiency and life skills to meet the needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. We help willing people gain dignity and independence. On a typical night, approximately 160 people sleep at the Inn, of which 60 are children.

The Samaritan Inn + Mighty Molar Man


Homeless families and individuals are the focus at The Samaritan Inn. In 2014, the Inn served 624 residents; 218 of them were children.

The Samaritan Inn + Mighty Molar Man

No Fee for Services

All services and support are provided free of charge through funding made from donations by churches, service groups andorganizations, corporations and individuals. The Samaritan Inn is a member of the United Way of North Texas.

The Samaritan Inn + Mighty Molar Man