Tiffany Krumins

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Tiffany Krummins
“We LOVE our Mighty Molar Man! He hangs on our bathroom mirror as a great reminder of the importance of brushing! My 7 year old reads the “Molar in the Mirror” book to my 2 year old to encourage him to brush his teeth. We have a hard time choosing our favorite character, but I believe mine is Biggie Smiles! I created Ava the Elephant® to take the fear out of medicine time, Mighty Molar Man and Friends are like the DENTAL superhero equivalent! Anything that encourages children to take great care of their bodies, and in this case their teeth, is a WIN in my book!”
— Tiffany Krumins

Tiffany Krumins, CEO/Partner with Barbara Corcoran, Ava the Elephant Brand, as seen on Shark Tank.

Janeé Hill

“What is really cool about The Mighty MolarMan Experience is that it improves our patient flow, by desensitizing the children before they even come in.”
— Sarah - Pediatric Dental Office Manager
“You can tell the kids who have read the book and spent time on before they come in because these kids are happy to be here. They are so comfortable and cooperative!”
— Robyn - RDH
“We’re treating more kids, and doing less sedations, because of The Mighty MolarMan Experience.”
— 6Day Dental & Orthodontics Team - Dallas, TX

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"This is my 8 year old.  He will be 9 in just a few months.  He loves to read new books and also is a fan of stuffed animals so Mighty MolarMan made a great afternoon surprise for him...."
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"We started brushing the kid’s teeth (or tooth) early on in order to get them into a routine. Now that we have Mighty MolarMan, we can prop him up in the bathroom to remind us to brush. (if we can get him away from Aubrey!)..."
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"Here he is again, acting out the part of Mighty MolarMan!  This plush toy comes with a suction cup hanger which is perfect to use in attaching him to your child’s bathroom mirror as a teeth brushing reminder.  I know visuals always help me remember and a cute stuffed Mighty MolarMan is always a more pleasant visual than the toothbrush and toothpaste laying near the sink." Read More Review

"The graphics were pretty fabulously drawn, definitely illustrations that grab a little one's full attention. Both the pictures and the story instantly hooked my son. I like the lessons it teaches about proper oral hygiene."
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When my youngest son wasn't looking, I pulled out the cool Molar in the Mirror box set (book and plush). The Mighty MolarMan plush comes with a suction cup and a hook. It's designed to hang the stuffed animal on the mirror, which will serve as a friendly reminder for the kids to brush their teeth. I stuck the cup on the car window and when little man turned to see it, he was delighted. "Hey, how'd he get there? Where'd you get that? How's he hanging like that?" All questions asked between giggles. - Read More Review

"My little one sleeps with him every night after he brushes and hangs him in the morning when it is time to brush again."


Once you have read the book with your little one (geared for ages 3-9) you are ready to put Mighty MolarMan into action. He comes with a suction hook that allows you to hang him on the mirror. Every time your child is in the bathroom, he will see Mighty MolarMan and have a reminder to brush their teeth. As your child is brushing, Mighty MolarMan is watching over him to make sure he does an amazing job. Of course my son LOVES this and thinks it is hilarious to brush with Mighty MolarMan watching. And while it is recommended to hang him on the mirror, he is still a plush so kids will want to play. Read More Review

This book is great and as we all know, kids love super heros. So when we are encouraging our children to brush our teeth and the importance behind it, a super hero story can do the job and provide the right encouragement.
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As parents we all know that sometimes getting kids to brush their teeth is not an easy task at all, but now there is this awesome new book that is recommended for ages 3-9
years of age to help get kids excited about brushing.
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I still tell everyone how amazing our experience was. I am so thankful to all of you, especially the creator of Mighty MolarMan! I would still be worried about Max, and I would be wondering if he had deeper problems with his little teeth and mouth. I can’t imagine having to carry that stress for longer than we did. Thank you! I still get sad thinking about what poor Max would have gone through if we insisted on a regular dental office checking his mouth or having to put him to sleep just to check his mouth. But with all of you, he only needed the confidence of Mighty MolarMan and your amazing dental team!!
— Gracie B
My son has ADHD and getting him to brush is extremely challenging. Because he loves superheros so much this was a perfect match. When he is having a hard day we calm down by reading Molar in the Mirror, and off he goes to defeat bacteria boy. Some days this book is the only way I can get my son to even attempt to brush. Thanks Mighty Molar Man for saving the day!!!
— Robin
I love this box set! It has done wonders for my children’s dental hygiene habits. He loves sleeping with his Mighty Molar Man toy every night, too!
— Samantha
My 15 month old loves the plush toy! She definitely enjoys letting me brush her teeth more in the morning when I let her hold the molar man! Great way to get the little ones interested in brushing and going to the dentist!
— Y. Kim
I got this book for my niece. I read it to her over facetime and she can’t wait to have it with her. She even showed me how she brushes and is excited to put molar man in her bathroom mirror. Im really excited to give it to her this weekend :))
— L. Guerrero
My 4 years son loves mighty molar man! He calls him super diente! He asks me to read him the super diente story every night. It’s a wonderful character to help kids come to dentist and enjoy visits!
— S. Hernandez
my 3 year old and my 2 year old absolutely loved the molar man in the. I HIGHLY do you recommend this books your child will love it cause mine do. They love when I read this book before I brushed her teeth.
— April
Kids loved the book. My 2 year old loved the molar man and wanted to brush his and her teeth together!! It was cute!!
— Cristina

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